Japanese Food Distribution Specialsts


Over 40 years experience in the Japanese Food industry

From humble beginnings as a Japanese grocery in 1979, we are now nearly forty years later, one of the most trusted and stable Japanese food distributors in Australia.

We supply a variety of products ranging from Japanese daily condiments, such as soy sauce and vinegar, to uniquely made Japanese snacks, ready-to-cook frozen items and Japanese sake and other liquor products, servicing both the wholesale and retail markets.

We pride ourselves on the quality of products that we distribute as well as our reliable and friendly customer service. Our mission at JFT is to be an excellent supplier with expertise and flexibility to meet any of your Japanese food business requirements.

Backed by local Japanese Sake brewers

JFT also has been developing strong relationships with some of the local Japanese sake brewers to supply unique and high quality sakes at as reasonable price as possible, to meet the fast-growing micro brewer boom and the quest of good Japanese sakes.

70% of Japan is covered by mountains, which means there is abundant of clear water supply across the country. Only good rice and water become good sake with local sake brewers' craftmanship and sense of complete quality control.

We have carefully selected our partners from among the excellent Sake brewers in Japan and endeavour to provide constant and stable supply of a wide range of sake to the Australian market.

You may know our customers

We supply many well-known and up and coming restaurants, take-away stores, bars, cafes as well as retail grocery outlets.

As Japanese food becomes increasingly popular we have seen an influx of Japanese inspired cuisines in Australia. We are so pleased to be able to work chefs who are forging a new type of Japanese "fusion" into the Australian foodie landscape.

JFT Melbourne
P: 03 9852 2277
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JFT Tasmania
P: 03 6240 3352
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